Major Interests

Sweet or Food's that contain Sugar, being a Friend

Minor Interests

Healthy Foods



Graphic Tablets

Rainbow and White

Age Estimate

About 10

Anthropomorphic Major Interests


Anthropomorphic Minor Interests


Anthropomorphic Minor Interests 2x



121 Thus the Series

Unick is the first character that is not in The Mondo Mini Shows Cult Classic Happy Tree Friends.

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Graphics Edit

Unick is a white unicorn who has a pitch white star on his head. He loves to go on adventures, and he is crazy, full of energy, loud, nonstop, and a silly unicorn with a gigantic heart.

Behavior and Easter Eggs Edit

Unick is a type of unicorn full of energy, love, and a dimwit. He always wants to go out and do something he is not supposed to, which makes him a violent character. He does the same thing with friends and hates, or at least something different with some safe activities.

Despite him being nice, he always witnesses injuries. He does have a minor interest on everybody. But does change his emotion commonly.

Physics and Appearances Edit

He normally has fur everywhere on his body. If he did not, blood would be in this show. His Physics are the same as Emilio and Sonic. Their physics in real life would not be very strong, but able to hover for a few times. And the nose will be changes to invisible in sight. The fur will be in his arms.

Episodes Edit

He is only in episodes that are not regular to these series.

Vandalizes Edit

Vandalize List
Cuddles in the episode "Bubble in the Trouble"
Lumpy in the episode "Sea Ya Later"
Puffy in the episode "Puffer Pounds"
Spica in the episode "I Dear You to" "Easy as Dry"
Gur in the episode "Old and Playing Silk"
Toofy in the episode "Old and Playing Silk"
Jaqu in the episode "Only Tear" when possessed
Bully in "Catching the Bus" unknown if it was Kneivel's fault
Emi in "The Brown Man" "Unickorn"