Not to be confused by the gender switched character. It is a boy character.

Taranka or Toothy is a main character of Happy Tree Friends . He is serious and calm


First Episode

Major Role: Happy Tree Friends Early Pilot

or Cat Pilot [pilots]






Cuddles (most best friend)

Giggles (fiance) [Petunia Breeze],

Cub, Mr. Tooth (father)

and mouse kaboom


Disco Bear (disturbs him) Sensei Orangutan

The Mole, The Rat, Shifty, Chopstix,

and Cuddles (at times)

Episode Count

99 of all of the series


Intended Toobahs, King Toothy,

Cuspid, Toobahz, Hack Moderator, The

Molars, Jeany Mike Pico, Killer

Whale, Dong Distillation, The

Mauve Superhero




Kenn Navarro (teaser) Warren Graff (now)

Episode Bio Edit

He is almost all of his appearances with Cuddles.

Fates Edit

Sad and does not have many buddies because he is not a friend to everyone.

Friends Edit

Cuddles Edit

They are best friends but they do not get along very well. Cuddles will make stupid chances that Toothy does not like.

Giggles Edit

He is shy when he met Giggles and Giggles hates him like almost everyone. But in Happy Tree Friends: Movie, Giggles kissed him off screen on his bus. He was kissed because he has lipstick on his cheeks. And it was believed that they had children in Save the Day.

Flaky Edit

He does seem to like her very much because of her big phobia of everything! They were rejected in the episodes. in Cybernetic Leapers, Toothy was jealous of her for loving Cuddles and many other reasons! in A Thinking or a Sum, Toothy told her they can not be friends anymore. In King of Thrones, he bravely came to her and did not be mean. He was walking to her nicely. In Happy Birthday, Flaky had an appearance at the birthday party.

Episodes In Edit

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Lines Edit

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Quiz Edit

He is born at 1892 in July

He never appeared in A Thinking or a Sum.

He tries to speak to Giggles in many languages to impress her.

He has a reference to Star Wars when he says "Cease Her!".