Chapter 1 Video Troubles Edit

Cole is so worried that she might be cheating on Gum's video. Gum wanted her to keep his video, for fake. Cole knew and then she noticed that she was not the one who watches it! And then she tried to get Gum to do something. Gum was faking it telling her that it was all her fault for selling her snacks to people so they can get the video. Cole knew that she was trying to eat safe, but she got angry. Gum told her to get a life. Cole punches the door until it falls down. So Gum felt bad for everything he said and then ran away. Cole was happy about that. Gum saw Traumatize in the kitchen eating pizza. He was actually eating the video. Gum yells. Traumatize keeps eating the video. Gum jumps on Traumatize before he ate the whole video. The video tape was all messed up. Gum screams as the tape falls into garbage. Traumatize was just going to tell Cole what Gum did. Gum had an idea.

Chapter 2 Box Episode Edit

Gum was thinking stupid. He was thinking things made out of box can make people thing it is actual and real. Traumatize only saw that it was not different at all. Nobody knew that Gum had his underwear on. Gum actually made box pants. Gum walks away. Traumatize knew that he could not move because the box was keeping him at his spot. Gum fakes that he is walking very very slow. Traumatize face plants on concrete.

Chapter 3 Caution Note Edit

Traumatize caught a note. Gum did not care. Traumatize meant it as caution. Gum knew too, but he still does not care. Traumatize knew it costs 25 dollars. Gum cries as he does care. Traumatize was just going to tell Cole what Gum did. Gum was just thinking.

Chapter 4 Outside Edit