The Room


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Don Hahn

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Jim Carrey

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March 20, 1988


The Amazing


The City

A room is any distinguishable space within a structure. Usually, a room is separated from other spaces or passageways by interior walls; moreover, it is separated from outdoor areas by an exterior wall, sometimes with a door. Historically the use of rooms dates at least to early Minoan cultures about 2200 BC, where excavations on Santorini, Greece at Akrotiri reveal clearly defined rooms within certain structures.

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A suite in a hotel or other public accommodation denotes a class of accommodations with more space than a typical hotel room.

In luxury or upscale accommodations, such as Ritz Carlton, Marriott, or Embassy Suites, key features may include multiple rooms. Many independent properties have one or more honeymoon suites, and sometimes the best accommodation at a high-end hotel is called the presidential suite or royal suite.

In upper-midscale accommodations, such as Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites, and Candlewood Suites, suites are usually one room with more space and furniture than a standard hotel room. In addition to one or more beds and bedroom fixtures, a suite includes a living area or sitting area with a couch that sometimes converts into a bed. Dining, office and kitchen facilities are also added in many suites. Some properties offer only suites. These suites are particularly marketed to business travelers who appreciate additional space and may use it to host small meetings or entertain clients.


  • In the United Kingdom, many houses are built to contain a box-room (box room or boxroom) that is easily identifiable, being smaller than the others.
  • The small size of these rooms limits their use, and they tend to be used as a small single bedroom, small child's bedroom, or as a storage room.
  • Other box rooms may house a live-in domestic worker.