The Prologue
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Original Airdate: 31 January 1988
Written By: Tim Rice
Directed By: Don Hahn
Production Code: 1ACV01
Previous Episode: N/A
Next Episode: The Portal
File:Garfield Travel Adventure

"The Prologue" is Happy Tree Friends Season 1, Episode 1 and the first overall episode.

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Many of the existing Greek prologues may be later in date than the plays they illustrate, or may contain large interpolations.

On the Latin stage the prologue was often more elaborate than it was in Athens, and in the careful composition of the poems which Plautus prefixes to his plays we see what importance he gave to this portion of the entertainment; sometimes, as in the preface to the Rudens, Plautus rises to the height of his genius in his adroit and romantic prologues, usually placed in the mouths of persons who make no appearance in the play itself.

Molière revived the Plautian prologue in the introduction to his Amphitryon. Racine introduced Piety as the speaker of a prologue which opened his choral tragedy of Esther.

The tradition of the ancients vividly affected our own early dramatists. Not only were the mystery plays and miracles of the Middle Ages begun by a homily, but when the drama in its modern sense was inaugurated in the reign of Elizabeth, the prologue came with it, directly adapted from the practice of Euripides and Terence. Sackville, Lord Buckhurst, prepared a sort of prologue in dumb show for his Gorboduc of 1562; and he also wrote a famous Induction, which is, practically, a prologue, to a miscellany of short romantic epics by diverse hands.

Prologues have long been used in non-dramatic fiction, since at least the time of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, although Chaucer had prologues to many of the tales, rather than one at the front of the book.

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