Happy New Year! 2016 Edit

The Greater: (Watches TV)

The Greater: Oh No! I was supposed to go to my favorite pizza place today!

Smileydogcreeper: Then go!

Happy New Year Edit

The Greater: Congratulations! This is your 1st alive.

Smileydogcreeper: Um. Dude! This Season is over! There is going to be another one!

The Greater: But can we make new short episodes? You know, in this Season?

Smileydogcreeper: It has more people dude! Be Awesome!

The Greater: Okay.

Dragon Ball Z Edit

The Greater: The movie just came out today! Goku is teaming up with Dragons! Wanna see it!

Smileydogcreeper: Yes

The Greater: When does it come out?

Smileydogcreeper: December 31 or January 1.

The Greater: Let's do it on January 1!

Smileydogcreeper: Okay!

The Greater: I just finished Chapter 1! Can you help me make the other chapters?

Smileydogcreeper: Okay! I will help!

The Greater: What is the name of Chapter 2?

Smileydogcreeper: Cell.

The Greater: Yes! Chapter 2: Cell!

Smileydogcreeper: But the info?

The Greater: No! I forgot everything!

Needed Edit

The Greater: The video is in stores!

Smileydogcreeper: No!

The Greater: Oh No!

Smileydogcreeper: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The Greater: I'm staying here.

Smileydogcreeper: Do not go to the store!

2016 Is much Quicker Edit