in this episode it starts out as Cuddle eating a strawberry on the ground.

Then Cuddle holds his sword and he goes into the castle. The 3 Princes said who

are you? I'm Cuddle said Cuddle. The princes said get out now Cuddle we will

get in trouble. Then Cuddle goes to see his friend Tweet. Tweet says nice sword

you have thanks said Cuddle. Then Cuddle accidentally swings his sword at Tweet's

arm Tweet cries in pain OWWWWWWEEEEEEE!!!. Cuddle says oh no look what I have

done I'm sorry Tweet. Tweet then says get me a bandage. Then Cuddle gives him a

bandage and says I'm very sorry I'm still you're friend though Tweet says I'm still your

friend to then they give each other a big hug. And then Tweet says let's go on an adventure

good idea says Cuddle
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