Toofy wants to learn of to skate. But he's a coward. A Generic Tree Friend passes by her not even caring. Toofy looks for a state that is 1 feet. Bully dives in bumping Toofy into the water. Woolman is the lifeguard who kills the toxins in the water. Before he sprayed some toxin killer, Toofy get bumped in front of him, Woolman dropped the toxin killer can. It poisons Toofy causing his hair to fall off. Bully was underwater very long. He decided to get some air. But Toofy's hair covers his eyes. He became blind but somehow got back to 1 feet where he floats. Toofy is gets a heart attack. (which does not kill him) Toofy swims fast knocking Woolman into a toy shop. Baby Genius was the shop owner. Woolman was stuck into the basket. Baby Genius helped him out. But he actually grabbed him by his antler.