Enrique runs with a vanilla Ice Cream! He goes into the forest which is his shortcut to home. Suddenly, he bumps into a tree and gets his ice cream bumped into his face. When he gets up, it started to reach his nose freezing it preventing him from breathing out of his nose. He pulls his nose hard making the ice cream come out, and boogers come out of his nose. The boogers get stuck onto his house. He tries to swing to his booger so his house can not be dirty. Gross! But worth it. A bird comes and eats the boogers. Enrique was disgusted. He sniffs up until he gets to the top of the house. The bird eats boogers out of Enrique's nose. It hurt Enrique, he noticed that he was about to sneeze. He trips of the roof of his house. He screams so loud that the rocky mountain breaks and falls near his house. The rocks were tumbling fast. He pulled the booger so hard that it pulled out a large chunk of dirt from his nose. Enrique noticed that the dirt was the problem. The rocks fall on him too because he did not make it in the house in time. His head pokes his head out of the rocks. Then the bird poops on the top of his nose.

Injuries Edit

The giant booger causes Enrique's nose to become bigger.