This is the first episode of Happy Tree Friends

Also! The section violence injuries is not a blood type.

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Unick and Lumpy walk to their house but then they hear a scream next door. Lumpy fakes it as somebody being killed and laugh at it and go out of their house. Lumpy goes next door and saw Handy laying on the floor as if he was injured. Unick tried to look next door but he was not old enough. Lumpy let him sneak in there with a disguise. As Unick has the disguise, Lumpy looks at his feet and sees a shadow of a knife flying in the sky. So then Lumpy looks back on his feet and sees Unick cut in half. Lumpy painfully ran away, but Acid grabs his knife and slices his head off. (No blood or death)

Quiz Edit

  1. This is the only episode with Lumpy, Handy, Unick, and Acid.(thus the series)
  2. The whole episode is a reference of the Mondo Mini Shows Cult Classic Happy Tree Friends Episode named From A To Zoo.
  3. Handy was the first character for a violence injury.
  4. This will probably make Unick the first character who is not from the Mondo Mini Shows Cult Classic Happy Tree Friends.

Glitches Edit

  1. When Lumpy looks at the knife shadow, Unick's fur disappears.

Violence Injuries Edit

  1. Handy is laying down as if he was injured (No cause of this injury)
  2. Unick is sliced in half.
  3. Lumpy's head is chopped off.